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Some one who thinks they are getting real good deals on ebay when they are getting screwed.
He paid $50 for the monitor + $50 for shipping he could have got it new at office max for $90 what an ebay tard. She didn't get the shipping costs before biding ,her bargain was twice as much as walmarts regular price ebay tardation strikes again. If I pay $10 to ship your crap back to you , you will refund my $5 , what do you think I am an ebay retard. Mikie the yorkie thinks ebay tards should be helped not made fun of.
by mikie the yorkie March 06, 2008
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pronounced: e-buh-tard.

Ebay Trolls, also known as Forum Trolls who have nothing better to do than harrass eBay Sellers by emailing them and claining to know more than the Seller does about the item up for auction. Sometimes resorting to insults and mindless banter about the Seller. OR harrassing them about minor typos or misspelled words.
Selller" Would you look at this email? Another eBaytard going on about how he knows what shade of red my lunchbox is better than I do"


Darn eBaytards need to get a LIFE
by AnnoyedSeller August 29, 2009
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