Awesome, unbelievably cool. Of sufficient coolness to caused momentary silence in all observers.
"that officer didn't ticket me for driving without my liscense, that eats world"

"Haha, free chinese food eats world."

by Mike the jones soda pusher April 22, 2006
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The mispelled for Jimmy Eat World that will make the name "Kimmy" look cooler.
Person A:"Hey do u know Kimmy Eat World?"

Person B:"Wtf ?"

Person A:"oh f*** my keyboard.. i ment Jimmy Eat World"

Person B:"nice one."
by An0nymous..... June 07, 2009
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A band from Mesa Arizona, made up of four members: Jim Adkins, Rick Burch, Zach Lind, and Tom Linton. Basically, an amazing alternative rock band. Most known for songs such as "The Middle", "Sweetness", "A Praise Chorus"...and pretty much their entire album Bleed American, which was later editted to be another self titled album after 9/11.

They're amazing live. The guys are down to earth and very in touch with their fans.

I highly suggest checking them out. Each album is different--the band tries to avoid giving the listener an answer to the question "what a jimmy eat world song should be" they've done a bit of everything.
full length albums that are available: static prevails, clarity, bleed american...i mean, jimmy eat world, futures, and chase this light, which is their most recent release.
by shmecky January 01, 2008
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An awesome band who writes original music. All of their cd's are really good and they are even better live. They haven't gotten full of themselves and will live on...
do you listen to jimmy eat world?
maybe you should.
maybe i will.
by lfksdlaflsda July 20, 2005
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An absoultely amazing rock band from Mesa, Arizona, who a lot of people consider emo, although the band members hate that word. Either way, they're a class act with great lyrics, great music, and they put on a great show. Those of you who know the m just for The Middle need to hear they're other stuff, althouth it is quite a song.
Jimmy Eat World=Jim Adkins- guitar,lead vocals, Tom Linton- guitar, back up vocals, Rick Burch-bass, Zach Lind- drums.
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great band.
see them live... theyre one of few bands as good live as they are on c.d.
Misfortunatley supported by many narrow-minded emo kids who think to be emo you have to be a boy who cuts himself, never goes to school and never says a word that isnt jimmy eat world. Not that all emo kids are like that, i have nothing against emo kids or emos who like jew, just the narrow minded ones.
if you havent heard them i reccomend the song sweetness.
if your listening
sing it back!
no the sweetness will not be concerned with me!

Take some time,
little girl
your in the middle of the ride
everything everything will be just fyne

Cant say i was never wrong,
but some blame rests on you.
work and play theyre never ok 2 mix the way we do.
by simple plan rock May 16, 2005
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Otherwise known as JEW/Jimmy. THE most amazing band I have ever heard. Their lead singer used to be Tom but then Jim took over. They are a legend of a band and oh yes I saw them :D
They have lots of albums out: Static Prevails, Bleed American (renamed Jimmy Eat World), Clarity, Futures, The Singles and have recently released their Stay on my Side tonight EP which you have to get because it is just soo good. Probably the Jimmy anthem is Sweetness because it's so original and like nothing else out there.
A band whose name will cause confusion when mentioning them in front of your parents.
super cool Jimmy kid: "aaaahhh Jimmy Eat World!!!"
super uncool kid: "Jimmy... Eat World? What?"
by MunchOnThat January 16, 2006
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