*To go somewhere to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner, particularly at a restaurant.

*To engage in oral sex with a woman's vagina (using your mouth and tongue).
"Wanna go eat out at Old Country Buffet?"

"God she is so hot, I wanna eat her out!!!"

"Whether you're a guy or girl, pussy'll always drive ya crazy!"
-advice from Chris Rock
by Dave April 16, 2004
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He slowly undressed her and laid her on the bed. He began to kiss her but soon he slid his lips down her neck and to her breasts. He kissed won her stomache and teasingly licked along her hips. She whimpered so he kissed down to her opening and kissed her there. She let out a soft moan. He slid his tongue inside her slowly and out again. When she moaned louder, he thrusted his tongue in her faster and harder. He tongue fucked her until she was nearly out of breath. He stuck a finger in her and made her gasp. He put another one in and began to lick around her pussy. He stroked her clitoris until it was hard and erect like he was and then began to finger fuck her deep, hard, and fast. He made an O over her clitoris and began to suck it softly. He sucked harder and harder until she began to scream and try to pull away. He pushed her down more and ate her out until she orgasmed.
THAT is called an eat out
by holdmyhand December 28, 2008
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this is from personal expoirence

when a boy or girl moves his or her tounge around the outside of your pussy while rubbing your tits ..then slowly moves inside ..first just moving it around ..then starts licking your clit ..then starts sucking on your clit ..as you moan and try to pull away ..they hold your legs and insert their tounge into the pussy hole and move it in and out very quickly ..and you moan ..and then they just move the tounge around your pussy ..personal pleasure of the girl being eaten out ..and also for the guy or girl doing the eating
random example::

samantha slept over my house ..and she said that she should eat out my sweet wet pussy ..cause it feels really good ..so she did and she was right
by alifgdgdf February 07, 2006
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My Boyf does this really well... he rubs my clit and finger-fucks me so fast... then he'd tongue fuck me... so i'd try to pull away because i couldn't stand its intensity... but then he just grabs me so i scream and cum.. its so fucking good! guys should do it more often for their girlfriends.
my boyfriend is so good when he wants to eat out.
by **MadRad** August 25, 2007
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to lick, suck, fuck a girl's pussy with your tounge! now im a girl & speaking from my point of view: "damn it feels so freakin good!" When he eats me out he usually starts by licking at my belly button then acts like he's goin down to tease me. Then finally he goes down. He licks my wet, pussy lips first, then he'll slowly go in & out of my hole with his tounge. Then after he gets started he goes crazy with it. I dunno how he does it: the fastest tounge moving thang ever. While he's eating me out he'll use 1 hand to fingerfuck me & he'll reach the other 1 up on my boobs and rub and squeeze. I love it & he'll go even crazier when you buck up at him cuz you can't take no more! He;ll start all over again. WHICH IS A GOOD THANG!!
My boyfriend always promises me an eat out for a blow-job. I always say yes it sounds fair!!
by xxlilsexibabygurlxx July 22, 2006
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licking and eating pussy. can be enjoyable for both cuz that shit tastes good and she loves it. it can be fun to cuz theres all kinds of things u can do. u can fuck her with your tongue, lick her clit, cuck her clit, finger her vagina or anus at the same time, play with her boobs at the same time, u can eat her out while she sucks ur dick. the possibilities are endless. and its something real men do. women love it and if u dont do it u should its one of the great things in life
"i love to eat out pussy"
"i ate my girl out for hours last night"
by Mike Hunt Sr. September 16, 2008
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if you want a girl to truly enjoy sex
you should try this.
instead of her moaning out useless things she can think of, until it's over ,or she`ll just say get the fuck off me
guy 1 - i like 2 eat out

guy 2 - *laughs hysterically* who does that?

guy1 - me.

guy 2 -pussy....

guy 1 - that's why i ate your girlfriend's pussy out she left you cause she said you were a pussy.
by penisessssssseseeesss May 16, 2009
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