Nice boobies;
To be used in public to stealthliy alert a companion to boobs of note within eyeshot.
by Infatuation August 29, 2008
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to spray paint or tag the streets of your hood =D
"hey i hear you eat"
"yeah ive eatin alot of places around here"
by xpogoaustin August 11, 2008
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why would you search this up? stop reading this!
"why are you still reading this?!" and why did you search up eat?!
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Derek: Yo I'm sad af, I'm gonna go eat
DJ: OK nice man
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by Shamrock_Pebbles June 05, 2020
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Girl1:i wanna eat something

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by Why just why April 03, 2019
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A lateral definition of the time frame for Zone Eastern Actual Time; Changes with the Standard Time Antonym ij.
So what happened with the schedule is the Zoning Area; As Brazil and Amazons are to the East of the Japan and West to London of the International Date line the EAT is definitively New Yorkshire England North America.
by TheSlinkyiest February 17, 2019
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