Will the pirate ate a bagel twice today.

Hmm, He is always eating a bagel...
by That One Fly Girl June 23, 2009
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A way of telling people to fuck off
first guy: "your mother is a smelly prostitute"
second guy: "go eat a bagel"
by David dDd Davidson March 22, 2010
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A person of Jewish ethnicity who does not actively practice Judaism
Guy 1 I practice Judaism all the time
Guy 2 I'm a bagel eating jew
by Jarwell February 14, 2016
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In a fencing bout when you win 5-0, you have earned the right for your teammates to shout "Eat bagel!" as a celebration because 0 looks like a delicious bagel.
"They just swept 5-0?? LETS GO!! EAT BAGEL" - Your teammate after you win a bout 5-0
by TehSwaggeest August 23, 2021
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