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A term used for a person who has a very easy job who usually doesn't have to work hard. In most cases, the person also makes good money at doing very little.
Janitor: Hey, Easy Money. How are you tonight?
Engineer: Just slavin' for Da Man. How are you?
Janitor: Another day in paradise.

by Almighty_AL May 04, 2006
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1) A job that involves little effort but pays well

2) A simple task

1) A Lawyer

2) Student: 'I cheated and found out all the answers for that exam tomorrow'

Mate: 'Easy money'

by AJ Dub March 19, 2007
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to make money without working for it; making money without a job
i just made some easy money for selling my neighbors ps2
by anotherwhitekid June 22, 2005
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When Retired Boxer Floyd Mayweather Made more than $200,000,000.00 After Beating 0/0 record "Professional" boxer (Conor McGregor). This is known as "Easy Money"
Damn Floyd Made How much for fighting that fraud ??? 200 MILLION!!! Damn that's some Easy Money!
by Null` August 27, 2017
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