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anyone that is of color falling heads over heels for someone because they are white.
John only dates easy minorities, he can get ass immediately just because he's white.

Vera does not like her Indonesian heritage, she normally ignores all the Indonesian guys but when Caucasian Charlie comes in there with his Fratboy Shirt, she jumps on him for a rape. She is an easy minority.

Tricia Takanawa: David, what bings you all the way to...
David Bowie: Shhhhhh! Oh baby, just you shut your mouth.
Tricia Takanawa: Ooooh!Me love to meet Ziggy Stardust!I take you home!I make you fish ball soup!Fish ball!
Tom Tucker: Thank you, Tricia, for setting your people back a thousand years...
by Peter1Griffin March 17, 2008
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