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A place that was so scuzzy that Omaha bought all the land to get rid of it. The current population of east omaha lives at the open door mission, state pen, the state juvenile pen, and bum camps in the woods. So the quality of the people hasn't changed much. East omaha was so rank that the ghetto looked down on it. The only time blacks came down was to the dump or the junkyards and only in daylight. A good place to get out of, and put behind you.
Black you can't know what it's like to be poor. White I grew up in east omaha. Black you poor bastard. In east omaha the dump rats were so big they used them as junkyard dogs. Whats the nicest thing you can say about some one from east omaha? They're dead. They had hogs in east omaha but it wasn't fit for pigs so they moved them out.
by benthere March 11, 2008
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East Omaha, a former industrial suburb of Omaha, Nebraska founded by interests of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad. White Lead and Box factories two of the leading employers prior to World War I. Once a small community of urban truck farms with some Danish influence. This disappeared once the airport was located there in the 1930s. Primary railroad service was by the Illinois Central through its Omaha Bridge & Terminal Railway subsidiary
Carter White Lead Company. Omaha Box. Illinois Central Railroad. East Omaha Street Railway. East Omaha Land Company
by Travis Pavelka June 04, 2011
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