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East Jessamine Middle School was founded by nazis. its in hell but hell is shaped like a kentucky hole thing in that place thats like under canadad.It is run by drill sargent bill who is evil & fingers children named freddy. he picks it. he blows it.DSB (drill sargent bill) sucks (it) & after a hard days work of blowing/fingering children he goes 2 ur house & does ur mom. and then your sister. & sometimes the family pet. but if your lucky he just gives you a lolly pop. Strangers have the best candy though, not dsb. it will all be over soon, my pet, cause soon all the children will unite against dsb as like 800 or so kenny mcCormicks and like die and then he wont hav freddys to finger so he can die cause he will no longer hav a purpose in life.
sarah can type in the dark. because she learned it at ejms.
by agent smith July 03, 2004
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