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Whereby a male dons a leather cap, scarf and aviator goggles, pulls down his breeches and underwear, stretches his arms up in order to grip an imaginary propeller, and then procedes to jump up and down causing his flaccid penis to girate very much like a propeller in the early days of aviation. This delightful party trick can also be performed by women, whereby rotating breasts serve to represent said propeller(s). As described by one S. Milligan of Monkenhurst, Hadley, some time after WW2.
The child's entertainer performed a classic Early days of aviation, much to the merriment of the parents and the distress of their offspring.

Jebediah met his wife by performing the Early days of aviation for her during a summer ball.
by Jebediah Splitter January 31, 2018
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