A slur used against a woman whom you disagree with. Combines the pejoratives bitch and dyke, with the word dyke adding emphasis to the word bitch.

Imparts the idea that the woman is not only a bitch, but a dyke (lesbian-like) bitch.
That girl deleted my Urban Dictionary submission; she is one dyke bitch!
by Hyacinth Bucket June 30, 2008
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A leather skinned woman who once banged men but now fists women.

Often thinks she's a leader but is nothing more then a joke.

Often looks like Orville Redenbacher
Jim: what's that hideous leather skinned looking lizard that's always speaking on behalf of the Ontario liberal party?

John: oh that's Kathleen Wynne - ontarios original "bull dyke bitch"
by Kozko January 1, 2017
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1.A female who habitually treats everyone like their shit.
2.A female who likes women.
3.A female who hates all males.
4.An attrocious looking women.
5.A male who loves the cock
Did you see that girl John? She's a fucking bull dyke bitch!
by BudC May 7, 2006
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