The man. The myth. The legend. A man whose destiny was chosen. The one we should all follow in these troubled times. A man loves his bump of "yay." Always sports a mullet, and moustache and almost always wears Hawaiian shirts. Prefers to spend his leisure time at truck stop brothels throughout rural Nevada.
Who is that? It looks like DW Ray! By the looks of it: it appears that he is back in the game!
by NatNattyKeys November 16, 2020
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Doodle Washing Station. Spawned from the public water fountains in Melbourne meant for human consumption, of which the spouts are at penis height.
Awww shit gazza she’s a roight Dee Dub Ess (DWS)
by Vfegvyhhsdsdx February 17, 2021
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Too Lazy, Didn't watch
I was tl;dw
by beerinhaler September 15, 2017
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Bob: Hey friend, do you still have that $150 that I loaned you? Friend Sorry Man, I just spent it on this here prostitute, tl;dw.
by Believf October 08, 2019
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