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also known as a german pancake.
a type of pancake that is shaped like a bowl and made from a light batter. can be eaten as a breakfast or dessert.
Let's make some dutch babies for dessert.
by mysterybakingwoman April 10, 2010
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When you stick a pop tart in a girl's vagina and fuck her in the ass until it pops out, and then make her eat said poptart.
Random Kid: Eww i hear she had a dutch baby
by traitorousroots April 13, 2010
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When a guy cums in your asshole. Taken from the concept of getting one pregnant from the asshole. Based on the term Dutch Oven, meaning to fart under a blanket after sex and pulling the blanket over partners head to trap them.
"Nick gave me Dutch Babies last night."

"Could you be pregnant?"
"Only with Dutch Babies girl, he plays it safe"
by aloralee March 15, 2017
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The continuous licking from the anus to the clitoris (in the female) or glans (in the male.)
Kendra insisted on showering before she'd allow her lover to give her a dutch baby.
by cain batka March 16, 2007
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When you and your partner split the bill for the trip to the abortion clinic. (see also: 'going halfsies')
"My gurl told me she was pregnant, so we got an appointment to make a Dutch Baby at the clinic on Tuesday."
by ChodeLickMcGee May 15, 2018
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