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Sexual activity in or around a dumpster filled with trash and garbage. A certain Mr. Screech was a well known expert in "dumpster love" as he spent so much of his time, when not making this tv series back behind the studio and IN the dumpster giving blowjobs and getting butt-rammed.
"I can only have a really solid orgasms when I'm hot to trot and having dumpster love"
by Dr. Nathan Gormley July 17, 2005
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Dumpster love, or Dumpster-lovin' is a word to describe "that Love which dares not speak its name"...and that refers to the tv character Dustin Diamond on SAVED BY THE BELL, when he is continuously being caught behind a local restaurant and having unprotected sex with bums and hoodlums behind the filled dumpster
"Wow, Dude, you smell like you been taking IT in the ass like that dustin diamond fag...Whew, you really smell like you've been doing alot of dumpster loving"
by Princess Peussi May 12, 2005
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