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A person who is so nasty, that after sex you have to wash yourself several times just to feel clean. (also alcohol is recommended)
Troy: Man, I got with a girl last night.
Brian: How was it?
Troy: I had to wash myself three times afterwards.
Brian: Ahh, you had yourself a dumpster fuck.
Troy: Do you have any Crown?
Brian: There isn't enough to help you now!!
by crownxtra February 27, 2010
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A girl that is so greasy and nasty that the only place you could possibly do her is in a dumpster.
When fucking a dumpster fuck, it has to be in a trash can (a big green one) then you must immediately knock her out with your shoe or kill her with a trident.
by JT Cash Money April 01, 2007
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Any filthy, greasy, nasty, dirty, foul, nauseating, vulgar, indecent, coarse, profane, rude, obscene, disgusting, brutal, raw, rough, gross, crass and generally unwholesome actions performed in a dumpster by a dumpsterwhore on a (barely) paying customer.
"I don't have alot of money, but I can still get thoroughly dumpsterfucked."

Bonappa'Queetious- "Man, you broke as hell"
T'Rondell- "I still got enough!"
Bonappa'Queetious- "Enough for what?"
T'Rondell- "Enough for a solid dumpsterfucking!"

Cedonte- "What the hell happened to you? It looks like you just got hit by a bus!"
Shontene- "Kinda, I just got dumpsterfucked."

by Dumpster_enthusiast October 04, 2008
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noun. a person who is so nasty ass funky, that fucking them would have to be a last resort to ending a sexual drought. describes some nasty skank. applicable to male or female.
Karli is so nasty! She's a total dumpsterfuck!
by pacodancer November 06, 2007
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This situation at work is like a combination of a clusterfuck and a Dumpster Fire. Its a Dumpsterfuck.
by El Gid June 01, 2018
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The act of having sex with someone in an unusual place.
I dumpsterfucked tina in the bathroom of the movie theater.
by addamean July 21, 2018
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Actual phrase: "What are you waiting for you dumb stupid fuck?" How the dumb stupid fuck in question interpreted the sentence: "What are you waiting for you dumpster fuck?"
by IEatSJWsForBreakfast January 17, 2016
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