1. Someone who gets easily confused and fails to use common sense when neccessary.

2. Someone who is so fucking stupid you want to meet their parents so you can pour hot coffee on their face.
Woman: I'm kind of hungry.
Man: Ok, let's grab a movie.
Womam: Seriously you dumb fuck, I said I'm hungry.
by mmhmm2121 December 14, 2010
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someone who posts up pictures of themselves in definitions such as gangsta, pimp, hot, sexy, even chav.
I'm sorry, but knowing how to take a picture of yourself does not mean you are gangsta. Dumbfuck.
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worse than a DUMBSHIT. dumbfuck is a whole other level of stupid. theres weird, idiotic, stupid, dumbass, dumbshit, then theres dumbfuck
erica:kaity whats the answer to number four on the math homework?

kaity: erica its simple. look you ad two and three together.
your such a dumbfuck!
by joetastic1212 January 05, 2010
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A dumb ass person who says stupid shit.
Boy 1: Damn that girl fine .
BOy 2/Dumb Fuck: Naw her grandma fine.
by Kristin April 23, 2005
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someone that does something before they think about it. But sometimes realizes that it was a mistake and that they are thinking they are a dumbfuck that they did it. So a dumbfuck is someone that realizes that they are a dumbfuck for thinking that they are a dumbfuck. I'm a dumbfuck for making this so confusing!
Cody is a Dumbfuck sometimes wen he thinks he is a Dumbfuck,
Melissa thinks she's a Dumbfuck, but she isn't
by canada,c August 02, 2010
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1. eric hetzel of chantilly, va
2. george w. bush
3. any one with the intelligence of a cockroach
4. McLovin aka sexy burger

synonyms: blonde, dumb shit, r-tard, bush
eric: *bikes into a car*
eric: wut?
arjun: no seriously go to urbandictionary.com...becuz ur now the definition for dumb fuck
by Arjun Patel September 20, 2007
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