A person with less intelegance then others also called "Fucking dumbass" doing the act of sex also called "Fucking"
Alex: Yoo my G I actually lost my virginity!
Max: So you were a fucking dumbass fucking?
by Z_Pai October 27, 2020
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A person who regularly sends a cringe ass memes on a daily basis and says Kek 24/7, but when someone sends a meme there apperently "Cringe"
Cringe Dumbass:Haha AIRPOD shotty kek lmao

random dude: Dude that's cringe, your not funny

Cringe Dumbbas: Then why don't you send a meme

random dude: *sends an actually good meme that's funny*

Cringe Dumbass: *in delusions* LOL YOUR CRINGE
by Doofy do be fresh February 28, 2021
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When a really bad mistake or stupid action takes place.
When John crashed his Mustang after a twelve pack...he suffered from critical dumbassity.
by mrchristian November 19, 2012
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A person who's idol is Stig of the Dump. He loves to dress like a tramp and loves his Stig of the Dump cologne (Which has a scent of shit in it).
The Dumbass Scotsman normally has either a J or a K in his initials. In some circumstances a mixture of the two can cause serious malfunction of the persons common sense.
by wurly_45678 August 20, 2008
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The ultimate way to get rid of a thot that isn't your waifu. Only the people who have transcended can use this words.
Clara: *acts like a thot towards Rob*
Rob: *opens the door* There u go dumbass hoe.
Clara: *implodes*
by PussyMagnet69Licke4r April 16, 2018
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