Dumbass:Word that means your reallly dumb but in a bad bad word
Gegorge don't start acting like a frigging dumbass.
by GeorgeSavior574 June 12, 2016
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a person/animal/other organism that does actions/things that are unfavorable and seen by others as stupid, it's also an insult to a person who is pea-brained.
bosco:10+10 is not twenty it don't have ten in it!
Damien: bosco u fucking dumbass it doesn't need to have that to be twenty
Ben:seriously bosco, did you skip 1st grade or something?
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by a wild bandaid May 07, 2017
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A natural born idiot who lives life not knowing which way is up or down,left or right, and black from white. An underdeveloped brain. They'd loose their head if it wasn't attached. An unique species. Not to be confused with a dumb blonde which are very similar but indeed different. So the next you meet a dumbass cut them some slack.
Austin: Hey Tanner where's Logan?

Tanner: Oh he's been trying to get his feet out of his shoes for the past half an hour!

Austin: Isn't he wearing tenna shoes?

Tanner: Yep, I gave up and left him.

Austin: Oh gosh Logan he's such a dumbass!

Tanner: Maybe I should go help him untie his shoes.

Austin: Yeah...... He's ( Logan walks in room)

Logan: Hey guys I finally got my shoes off! (Holding scissors and shoe laces in hand)

Austin: Hey Logan maybe you should go back to wearing sandals.
by Snoopystheshit June 29, 2016
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