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Yes, not all asians are smart.
Yes, there are many asians that are dumb.
Yes, you dont believe both facts, either because your asian yourself and you are too much of a stupid narcissist to believe the truth or just because you're like, omg thats like kinda racist..*clicks thumbs down on urban dictionary*
Yes, I hav proof of these facts:
Just look at George street maccas ppl (PARTICULARLY the MANAGERS) they are excellent examples of dumb asians
Efti: whaddup blah??
You: Hey E-fit
Efti: brrrrrr brrr blaahhh??
You: wah?
Efti: tha not ma name blah-
*efti is cut short but the fobby asian manager*
"Hey boys pries down pleeze?"
You: kk Im on it!
*You walk to the freezer looking everywhere for the box labelled "pries" After ten minutes you give up and you decide to look downstairs. You go downstairs and after 20 minutes of searching you still do not find "Pries." You go back upstairs unsatisfied to tell the manager the news*
You: ok, I looked everywhere in the store and I cant find the pries!

*You see gangster related activity outside the store*
You: hey ferd theres like gangsters outside
Manager: umm ok just tell j, the store manager and he'll deal with it
You: ok but hes not here and even you know that
Manager: Uh, fine.
*The manager walks up to the gangsters, the gangsters give him a dirty look. Ferd is scared shitless*
You see him in the distance talking to them. He comes back
Manager: ok,umm can you make me 30 free big macs?

You are sitting down and overhear on the schoolbus:
Guy1: Hey toniezz, where youzz??
Phone pause
Guy1: kkzzz
Phone pause
Guy1: goinz cittiezzz brozz?
Phone pause
Guy1: kkz Laterzz

by maccastehsux June 20, 2009
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