The act of extracting Rocky Mountain Oysters from one's anus with a finger and a little help from the sphincter muscle (depending on how big they are and how tight the anus is).
"You know sweetie, we should take some of these Rocky Mountain Oysters home so we can do a Denver Dugout."

"What's that involve pumpkin?"

"It's a surprise, trust me, you'll like it."
by SubZeroOne May 8, 2010
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the female sexual organ (vagina) unshaven
that slut gives up the nappy dugout
by Denny Chiu June 28, 2002
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a repulsive, unkempt, swarthy, reeking vagina of a woman of ill-repute
Gee, that skank ass ho sure has some nappy dugout. I feel disgusting and shamed for fucking it
by Dude-Person March 18, 2003
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a very hairy pussy.
when she takes off her bathing suit, the first thing you'll notice is her nappy dugout. it stands out that much!!!

she needs to shave that nappy dugout.
by Marcy February 27, 2004
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the group of friends that spends their time in the dugout at school. consists of the members named noemia, kylee, lila, alleigh, kacie, emma, and emma. (yes there’s 2 emma’s bc we are cool)
by ladybughrry October 10, 2021
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A girl whom goes out to the dugout (in the baseball feild) to give blowjobs regularly.
Oh my god, that chick is such a dugout girl.
by Partlycloudy March 8, 2015
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The pubic region including the vulva and surrounding hair which may span as far as the inner thighs.
"my nappy dugout hurts" -Kara Tamiazzo
by Master -D November 9, 2003
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