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Kids who listen to Insane Clown Posse to Slipknot. They are usually middle class white suburbanites who refuse to wash their hair.

They’re attire includes aforementioned band t-shirts, extremely baggy black pants with excessive straps and d-rings, and a backpack encrusted with effluence. They tend to walk around like zombies, due to the low-grade drugs they bought with Mommy’s stolen money.
Although they frequent the same environment, and intermingle, they are not to be confused with Mall Goths.
Dick and Jane are Drug rockers, they hang out at the mall, yell obscenities, do drugs, and make it back home for curfew.

Dick got beat up by the gutter punks, Jane just watched, stoned out of her head.
by The_Shaman December 11, 2006
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