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a classic scam used by police officers to get probable cause for warrantless search and seizure and/or arrest.

First, they ask permission to search your property (for example, a car or backpack). You say no because you have rights. Then they bring a dog around to sniff your property. Regardless of what the dog does, they claim that the dog has detected drugs, explosives, or a body. At that point, you may be under arrest, and anything you have can be seized, and possibly never returned, under Civil Asset Forfeiture laws.
Dude: "Hey did you hear about how Ethel Hylton's life savings and insurance settlement were confiscated at an airport and never returned?"

Guy: "Bullshit."

Dude: "For real, it was a drug dog scam. Google that shit!"

Guy: "Damn, that's fucked up."
by pseudoanonymous July 04, 2009
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