The term "Drexel Shaft" stems from the now-demolished fountain that was outside what is now North Hall. The name stuck, and then referred to the smokestack on top of a SEPTA and UPenn-owned building in the trainyard visible to anyone in Drexel University's campus. The smokestack was demolished on November 15, 2009

the Drexel Shaft became analogous with the "shafting" Drexel students receive from the administration personnel (or lack thereof) and all-around cost-to-graduation rate of the school.
Drexel Student 1: "fuck dude, I got 4s on over 3 AP tests and Drexel didn't give me ANY credit."

Drexel Student 2: "you just got the drexel shaft!"
by gwerye54h7e September 07, 2011
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is large smoke stack structure visible anywhere from Drexel University campus in Philadelphia, PA. Also refers to students being mistreated by the university i.e. getting the drexel shaft.
I got the drexel shaft with my transcripts.
by DeadInPlastic October 23, 2007
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