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A prank game invented by Zack Parsons and friends. It was later posted on SomethingAwful.Com. The objective of the game is appear as a dream girl on an online chat and begin to lay as many "cards" which include disturbing little facts that keep increasing in their level of disturbing until the other chatter leaves. The person who wins is the one who can lay as many cards until the other chatter leaves.
"Auron86: so what kind of music u like?

Heather: oh a little bit of everything

Auron86: lol havy metal?

Heather: awww that reminds me of my lil sis :(

Auron86: whats wrong???

Heather: she's just a little baby and last week she was sleeping in her crib and one of our ferrets got in the crib with her and chewed off her nose.

Auron86: OMG" ~Zack Parsons, Dreamgirl Blackjack Article on
by Tsumagel May 07, 2010
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