Oral inhalation with action akin to a mosquito bite, optionally with tongue, of a dreadlock by a fascinated and/or jealous caucasian.
Some dread skeeter skank-handled my sister-in-law's hair like a popsicle, she was pretty skeeved out by it.
by Chickaboomking December 26, 2009
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When the ends of dreads splash all over your face like little water droplets. It generally occurs when walking behind, or standing behind, a wook at a concert who is getting down and moving their dreads around like it's nobody's business.
As I was walking to the bathroom at the concert, I grazed by a wook, who in mid-dance, gave me the biggest dread-splashing I've ever experience.
by CO_Eric November 01, 2007
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When someone's dreadlocks start to get very dirty and smell.

Dust dread can cause into problems such as new species of bugs in your hair and spending lots of money on shampoo.
look at that dude with that nasty case of dust dread
by fiyateeth November 01, 2008
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Think ‘stage fright’. A dollop of dread is anything that makes you feel an acceptable, or sometimes expected, sensation of anxiety or tension, but usually not enough to persuade you away from whatever caused it.
I had a real dollop of dread before that last test we had to take, but I think I did alright.
by Spirit-Chickadee December 05, 2010
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