The act of cumming in a girls mouth, then quickly after doing so knocking her on the back of the head causing her to spurt cum out.
by s00prman August 21, 2008
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An ugly woman, especially an elderly one, because she has wrinkled skin and long, sharp fingernails. Akin to "dog" which is usually used to refer to an unattractive younger woman.
Old Mrs. Gondorf is a real dragon.
by debodun July 28, 2007
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When smoking a bong, the hit is so ginormous, that the smoke coming out of the mouth, is monstrous. Hence, Dragon.
Yo, me and Carlos the other day, were skipping school, playing some hookey, and smoking some mari-j-jay, that Papi took a hit from the bong, and shit was dragon.
by papiiiiiiiidragon April 19, 2011
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This is when a female gives a man oral sex and her teeth drag on his penis. This usually becomes her nickname to his friends.
Justin: "Who was that one bitch you use to date in high school?"

Howie: "Which one?"

Justin: "That girl who's teeth would drag on your cock when she blew you."

Howie: "Ya Dragon."
by dumnumyuk July 29, 2009
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1. A powerful mobster.
2. A rich, mysterious and powerful person, possibly mixed with dangerous doings.
3. A drug dealer, even a small-time weed dude.
4. A person who smokes a lot.
"See that man in the limo? Thats Henry Gee. A red Dragon if I ever seen one."

"I got this baggy from this dragon I know. Best weed ever."

"Davie is becoming such a dragon, I hope he don't get lung cancer."
by abragag December 02, 2008
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A dragon is a codeword used for very ugly people. Rating below 3 is a dragon.

Dragons can not be killed due to their uglyness, every year there are more and moar dragons around the world.
Sarah Jessica Parker and Barbara streisand are very notorious dragons

Eww that girl is so ugly it made me puke -> DRAGON
by Dragonkill August 30, 2010
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