Noun. An individual who displays their "true colors" by an act of betrayl.
John ratted me out to the police, he is a "Douche Bag."
by Chris Olobri March 15, 2005
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1. One who is too involved with their own life to care about yours
2. One who thinks their life is more important then yours
3. One who would rather see you miserable then happy
4. one who takes joy in stripping you of your dignity, self esteam, joy (basiclly anything good)
My mother is a douchebag
by REECE HOLIDAY March 09, 2006
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!. a word used to describe an individual of the male gender who by all outward appearances, tries way too hard either to be cool or to exhibit a particular stereotype, or tries to use a certain hooby to make themselves more attractive to women but does not make any money off of said activity. This includes but is not limited to, bleached hair, surfer hair, tattos, muscle cars, lifted trucks, facial piercings, frequent lies, chest bumping, cock waving,fauhawks, muscle flexing, expensive sunglasses, european cars, Sports jersies, single color outfits, sports apparel, cowboy hats, trucker hats, black eyeliner, bangs covering half the face, tight pants on guys with no ass, skateboarding and sagging.
hey whats up with the guy in the mustang?

Who the guy with the expensive sunglasses and teh frosted tips

yea whats his deal?

i dont know just some fucking douchebag.
by sonofturbo October 07, 2009
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Robert Novak is a douchebag of liberty.

-Jon Stewart-
Novak, of course, most well known for heroically publishing the identity of an active CIA agent, which I thought sent a clear message to the world, saying, "If that's what we'll do to our own spies, imagine, just imagine, what we'll do to yours. . . Well, our man Novak is at it again, he has a little editorial in the Washington Post. . .

We had implied that the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ad was a low blow, perhaps produced by those angry at Kerry for his post-war activities that they've never gotten over. . . But Novak has shown me that I'm wrong. Yesterday's Washington Post has an interesting editorial by Novak, saying, "Maybe we're not giving this group a fair shake." For instance, yes, Kerry's crew supports him, but as Novak reminds us, "these former sailors with Kerry for no more than five weeks." And Jim Rassmann, the man whose live Kerry saved, "was only spending a few days with Kerry when he fell or was knocked off the Swift Boad." So the guy Kerry saved was some stranger. It makes the whole thing more cowardly. Don't you see? Novak ends with the only logical conclusion about the book: "Unfit for Command sends a devastating message, unless it is effectively refuted." Because in this country, when a scurrilous charge is made against you, by people, you're guilty! Unless you prove otherwise! That's how it works! Kudos, Robert Novak, you truly are a douchebag of liberty.
by Malfunctioning Eddie July 16, 2005
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