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The brown water based liquid that drips/leaks out of an anus after it has been cleaned using a douche.
'hamilton! dude have you pissed yourself?'

'no its douche water!'

'ah, that explains the smell.'
by james abu hanzah December 07, 2008
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Jon roberts or anyone who drinks douchewater to keep estrogen levels up...this can be useful if you want to grow man boobs or get a higher voice.
"Did you see jon drink that gallon of douchewater...he downed it like a pro"

by austen p August 20, 2006
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(N.) The dirty water that is ejected after injecting a stream of water, often containing medicinal or cleansing agents, into the vagina.

Also a person who in a room full of douche bags stands out as being the king of them all.
Person A: That Dave guy is such a douche bag, i just want to punch him in the face.
Person B: Na man he's definately way worse than that, he's absolute douche water.
by LB February 08, 2005
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Jon Roberts, Or someone who drinks copius amounts of douchewater to keep their estrogen levels up.
Jon (douchewater) Roberts loves drinking douche water.
by Austen Pomerene March 20, 2006
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When you are even worse than a Douche Bag. You ARE the Douche Water. It's one thing to be the bag that flushes the bad stuff out of the vagina, it's another to be the nasty water that comes out of it.
You are such an asshole that I can't even call you a Douche Bag. You are the Douche Water dude.
by veggiegator July 04, 2013
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