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Originally coined to describe an impressive dribbling trick performed by the Brazilian soccer star Neymar in an international match against Peru, the term "double sombrero" is now used to describe a sex act wherein a sombrero-style hat has two holes cut into the center part of the hat (the part that sits on top of the head, NOT the rim of the hat) on opposite sides before being turned upside down and filled with raw meat, at which point two individuals simultaneously make love to the opposing meat-holes until completion. The individuals participating in the act are known as "sombrereros" or "salseros del sombrero", the ejaculate of the first individual to ejaculate is known as the "salsa primera", and the ejaculate of the second sombrerero is known as the "salsa ultima" or "salsa segunda".
Did you see that game against Peru? Neymar's double sombrero was the greatest move I've ever seen!


I told my followers I'd Periscope a double sombrero tonight but I can't find a second sombrerero...are you in?
by bigchicago June 19, 2016
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