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a teenage thug gang in the suburbs of hialeah and doral...they also go to nearby opalocka to have gangfights and they frequently vandalize people's property...fight...and get in trouble with the law 

they differ from the notorious key rats because many of them actually come from impoversished backrounds, and much worse and are violent and actually do bad things such as go to people's house to rob, assault them, or kidnap

you may see them dirving very fast in their very large groups of 15 or 20, or just kids that look very ill behaved walking around
its honestly better not to start anything with them...because they have no authority that controls them and do whatever they want
a kid from the doral crew actually shot a policemen in his own housethe doral crew is called the doral crew outside of doral, but inside it is known as the crew
by pipipat February 22, 2008
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