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Person, usually female and/or gay, who stands at the door of a nightclub next to the bouncers and decides who's beautiful enough to get in.
Unless you look like a model or you're a celebrity with his posse, the door bitch will never let you into the club.
by urbanyte December 31, 2004
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To make sure the people who would go to Wasteland parties would stick to the dresscode, which is supposed to be kinky and sexual, the organisation hired women who would stand at the door and tell people whether they could come in or not.

Normally this is a bouncers job, but since they're always mentally challenged and can't handle instructions that require a sound fashion judgement, the doorbitch was created.

Since these women quickly became notorious for verbal abuse and fucking up your night out in general, the term 'doorbitch' came into life.

However, other, less kinky organisations have started using them as well; Now&Wow has a couple of doorbitches, and Jimmy Woo of Supperclub both have transexual/crossdressing doorbitches.

Over the years the doorbitch has become an excellent idiot-avoidance tactic in nightlife, and although she makes a sellected (small) crowd miserable, te majority of normal clubbers enjoy a better atmosphere thanks to her careful selection of customers at the door.
"Dude, can't believe you got in!!!"

"Yeah, but only after the doorbitch told me to take of my Arsenal shirt and dance on it... what an absolute BITCH!!!"
by Cochese December 19, 2004
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Person (male or female) in an office who is rostered as the initial point-of-contact for enquiries from other visiting personnel;


The person in an office unfortunate to be the one seated closest to the door, who is then treated by other visiting personnel as the de facto receptionist or initial point-of-contact, and spends half the day dealing with dumb questions like "Joe Bloggs not around at the moment?"
Why does everyone ask me? I'm not the damn door bitch!
by Notadoorbitch July 11, 2011
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the name of a person who stands at the door of a retail store like kmart or big w and greets the customers/ checks bags
girl 1: what shift are you on today
girl 2: door bitch
by DooooorBitch May 03, 2009
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