dood is a name for an Arab subculture , in witch people find the need to wear nike hats and adidas tracksuits, and a golden neck , they typically drive a mitsubishi super-lancer or a siat ibiza , most of them are called tamer , they make sure everyone thinks there rich and drive like assholes and have a horrible taste in music
dood check my black rims (jantat)
by pinkfloyedmotherfucker May 04, 2017
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A term to refer to someone's cohorts, esp. close friends, NOT simply a second-person reference, unlike the word dude.
Dude, Derek's a pretty cool dood.
I'm in your base, killing your doods.
by D.B. August 24, 2003
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such a better way to say dude and a lot cooler too. Cough Gracey, cough Lexy
"Sup dood, how you doin today?"
"Pretty good how bout yoself?"
"Alright dood"
by Typewrtrman June 05, 2015
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alternate spelling for dude. See dude
1. "Dood, did you see that?"
2. "Man, that dood is messed up."
by eBrian December 14, 2002
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meaning: dude or woah or wow
as in man, acquaintence, friend, holy crap, jeez, sheesh
person: "my cat just died"
friend: "DOOD! im so sorry!"

person: "hey whats up DOOD?"
friend: "not much DOOD. you?"

**falls on face**
person: "DOOD!"

person: "youre really stupid"
friend: "DOOD, youre in a bad mood today."
by codename_lily May 26, 2008
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The Canadian version of dude, developed by Canadian youtubers.
Jason: Dood, I'm Canadian!
Lilly: I ain't a dood, I'm a girl!
by Katie's Bottom Bitch's Pal March 15, 2015
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