1. To get dome is to get a blow job

2. A home/house/place of residence

3. One's head
1. "mang that bitch gave me dome last night" or "dude that bitch domed me on the couch whilst I dominated on COD."

2. "aight dude lets hit Mickey D's then crash at my dome"

3. "He hit me in the dome with the basketball" or "asshole domed me with the basketball"
by BIGGON411 September 08, 2010
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"Yo L
What up?
I Hit
What else
Say word
And we got it on tonight"
Hey Ma
by Amy Solomon November 06, 2004
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street term for Methadone pills, a downer / pain reliever often prescribed to recovering heroine addicts.

its often sold on the street and abused for a ballin high...
A: bro i just railed 2 domes...now im drinking

B: thats fuckin dumb...

A. ZZZZ....
by wrather June 24, 2009
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I dunno what that dude has in his dome but he is smart as fuck!
by AC January 19, 2004
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"Do Me!" is what Matt tells me to do when he wants me to jack him off, make him cum, and swallow his load.
In the gym, Matt always says "Do Me!" and I do, whether or not another cadet is watching!
via giphy
by USAF Cadet November 21, 2020
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