A privileged, basic girl who lives in a fake cookie cutter world that she really doesn’t provide for. Someone uninteresting with little to no personality.
Oh my god Becky, you’re being such a Tay Dome!”

“No I didn’t pay for the mansion I live in, my famous fiancé did. Who I’m marrying. Look at my ring. I’m a Tay Dome.”
by avagiuliana1650 January 3, 2022
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A shiny ass forehead.



•Too much makeup
Bradly: do u see that chick over there?
Jorge: Damn vro she got a fucken Thunder dome
by 1-800-Jahsh October 31, 2019
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To consume an allotted portion of ecstasy to one's self, or one's "head", thus giving it its name.
Guy: Need another roll?
Girl: Na, I'm rolling titties to the dome!
by DizzyBug September 25, 2011
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Your company owns and invisible dome to keep you trapped even from the elements so can’t ever rain out and go home.
Ben : Looks like that hurricane whipped up a bunch of rain, radar looks yellow and red. Maybe we can get out early and rage out!
Mike : you’re forgetting about the Sweat Dome these fuckers have over us.
Ben : oh your right, it’s going right around us on both sides.
by Sweaty dirt pig August 6, 2021
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A person having a larger than average sized head.
by Palumby September 17, 2009
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putting two penises your mouth at the same time like a set of skis going into a dome
Guy 1: Chelsea has room for another penis if you want to take part in a ski dome.
Guy 2: nah I'm more of a anal guy
by dan smccock September 14, 2013
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Skin Dome (adj); a man or woman who worships Adolph Hitler, synonym of Skin Head. Aka White supremacist or any derivatives of people who hate any race except Aryan or the ''supreme race''
That dudes got a Swastika tattoo on his bicep... Gotta be a skin dome.
by JimJones86 October 25, 2013
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