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Most domain investors are fucking idiots. They rely on registering a popular (and not so popular) words and dream to resell the name later to some enterprise for millions dollars, inspired by success of previous investors. They forget that a language offers unlimited number of possible letter and word combinations which is impossible to register.

The really valuable domain names consist of one word, perfectly describe the content of website, very memorable and can be used commercially. Examples: They ARE worth millions. All valuable domains were registered until 2000 (except for upcoming social events, brand names, movies, books etc).

Anything like,, or even is NOT really valuable. Even if abbreviation of a company name consists of wcqz they will find a way to register it by expanding one word moving to another domain extension etc, and will get better search rank in Google for "wcqz".
Lots of domain investors only loose their money over time paying the registration fees.

There're about 17k+ of and over 450k+ of and all registered. Some dumbasses pay $500+ for domain name like that and think it will go up in value. Well, that happens if they find someone more stupid.
by Antispark April 15, 2008
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