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When you are taking a dump, its the splash of water that hits your ass, as it hits the water
I did not need to wipe after that shit because of a nice big ole dolphin kiss
by DANGALANG January 06, 2008
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when a guy tries to kiss a girl and she says, "later, later" so the guy rubs his nose against hers like a dolphin
Guy to his friend... " I tried to hook up with her but she told me later, so i gave her a dolphin kiss instead!!"
by Dolfinluverx0x0x January 28, 2011
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The act of pulling down one's pants, to the bare ass, and sitting or preferably jump sitting on someone elses nose. This is most successful when your butt hole lands directly on the victem's nose.
While he sat down I dolphin kissed him.

She has a brown nose because I dolphin kissed her
by Joker5997 March 17, 2008
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A auto-emitted shower of gas(flatulance) that is collected by the use of your hand while showering with your partner.
A Dolphin Kiss only works if your in the shower with your partner, spouse or best friend. By letting water flow down your back you create a pocket of air between your taint and hand. Proceed to flatulate in your hand and then just throw it in your partners face. It is in no way wrong to practice alone.
by smugglescoke November 02, 2009
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Pull down your pants, ATTACK preditor by rubbing your ass on them, in the process yell "Dolphina"
p.s. To really piss someone off don't wipe ass B4 doing doing this the preditor may attack back!!!
OH my gosh...did you just see that person rub they're ass on the predator... thats called a dolphin KiSs!!!!
by bob dolphin July 22, 2006
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