One who avoids working, and instead chronically collects the "dole" (British welfare money), despite being perfectly able to do so.
That guy is a right dole head. He hasn't done a days work in years.
by Kit N May 07, 2017
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A group of people in county cork, ireland. Usually a (non working, on the dole(social welfare)) single mother and her 3 children. They are poor and part of the

Lumpenproletariat.These individuals buy the cheapest goods and services they can get such as dole haircuts and pep and Co clothes from dealz or super drift tracksuits from the stall behind the coal Quay. Dole heads
Paddy: here comes the dole patrol!

Matt: look them with their dole haircuts and superdrift tracksuits

Paddy: what a bunch of dole heads
by Just-another-dolehead May 26, 2018
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Someone who is soft. A coward. A chicken.
1:" hey man you tryna fight?"
2: "he probably scared."
1: yeah, dole whippp!!!
by Coolpandax February 20, 2019
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Using pineapple rings as an Elizabethan collar to accessorize one's junk, meant to be eaten. Can be enhanced with whip cream or cool whip.
Timofy was feeling frisky, so he put on a dole whip.
by bobby.california March 31, 2019
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When you cum on the rim of an asshole, and then proceed to slurp it up. Name originates from Disneyland’s famous Pineapple ice cream treat.
“Hey, I know we are in Disneyland but I’m really fixin’ for a dole whip

“Yeah let’s go get one!”

“No, I mean, let’s go dole whip in the Haunted Mansion”

by Hunets4506 October 23, 2019
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