cracker on the left, cracker on the right, hood rat in the middle
andy griffith, jim neighbors and ester rowe all got toghether to make a dogmatic oreo.
by mike e boy September 6, 2005
An insult meant for someone who would lay down their opinion as absolute fact despite being intellectually dishonest. Typically once their claim has been addressed, instead of engaging with the point, they will quickly blurt out something off the top of their head that usually will yet again be dishonest.
Jess has bad takes, he is dogmatically retarded.
by Barrack Hussein Obamna December 7, 2022
Acceptance or retention of a particular thesis or opinion without sufficient grounds or critical review.
Dogmatism cruins the value of your words.
by Linn.L April 13, 2018
Dogmatic atheism is almost always referring to a hardcore atheist who is unwilling to change his mind on religion. This attitude contrasts with dogmatic theism, which are theists who refuse to believe their god isn't real, and are 100% certain that god does exist.
Dogmatic atheism is the opposite towards religious fundamentalism, since both think they are objectively correct
by Kelmeer23 January 31, 2023
When a girl gets up on her knees during sex without being told to do so
True dogmatic girlfriends are so rare to find. A treasure to keep if you do.
by Audio joe August 8, 2022