doggy can take the place of calling someone dude or man or in some cases dummy.
My fav "Doggy Ya Got Boomed" can mean a number of things like getting raped in a video game or having someone but their dick on your face while your passed out.
by some guy with weird shades December 06, 2009
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  • doggy.men
1. A nickname for a canine.
2. A nickname for the male genitalia.
My personal doggy likes you.
by homosexual March 29, 2003
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Is abit of a spaker. ie, gets words wrong, whole phrases and occasionaly runs up stairs backwards with a bag over his head. likes to refer to his "plastic" hip as a disability, and that his knee is rusting up. also from an operation ealry in life, he claims is a "shark bite"

Favourite past times include:
singing the popular song "push me" by benny benassi, with a school bag on his head, whilst heavy objects are dropped on him. Also his remix version.

Doing his sidbury bitch doggy whith around 2 other people in the room. she smellt of fish, probably.
Chris: Doggy say "sheep"
Doggy: fffffcckk offf (goes mental)

Doggy: push me, and then jus tounch me so i can get my, rrreeemmmixxxx bing, ding ding ding bbarrpppp.

Nick: your ment to be shooting in the other goal jack.....
Doggy: oh crap yer!
by William Lake November 26, 2006
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A sex style that the man puts his penis in the woman's butt
Man, that doggy style sex thing we was talking about yesterday I did it to my girlfriend she did not want me to stop.
via giphy
by blinking####flash November 28, 2017
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