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Dog whistle is a type of strategy of communication that sends a message that the general population will take a certain meaning from, but a certain group that is "in the know" will take away the secret, intended message. Often involves code words.
Republicans say they want to make civil rights for gays a state issue, which is really just a dog whistle strategy for saying that they will refuse to grant equal rights on a federal level.
by magnummanager July 22, 2011
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In politics, to make an innocuous statement which is designed to trigger previously indoctrinated bigotry & hatred without being recognized by outsiders for bigotry or hateful speech.
1. "Barack Obama is a *community* *organizer*, which is like being Mayor without the responsibilities"

In the previous days, Rush Limbaugh had repeatedly railed against "communist union *organizers* who claim to be part of your community," and "*Community organizers* like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton from the urban areas who want what they call 'social justice' - meaning people like you and me get our wealth redistributed" Those who missed this or even read a transcript without emphasis wouldn't pick up on the previously mentioned connotations or the hatred that had been carefully engrained in the words. The dogwhistle approach was wildly successful at stirring the base without detracting from her shiny new image.

2. A commercial was created portraying Barack Obama's achievements in an awed tone and questioning how he did it, with the same font, background imagery, and tone as the Left Behind movies. This casually portrays him as the Antichrist to those deathly afraid of an Antichrist, while not being picked up by anyone else. Dogwhistling to the fundamentalists is a strategy McCain has to use to keep his base awake while not offending the rest of the country.
by Andronomy September 15, 2008
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In simpler happier days the term Dog Whistle had only one definition.

It is /was a device that produced a sound in the very high frequency range that only dogs can hear but not humans. It was called the silent whistle and people used them to train their dogs. This type of whistle could be heard by a dog up to a mile away.

Things are far more complicated now because our country is so very divided politically.

Some people claim that certain common ordinary words used by newscasters can be considered Dog Whistles because they make their listeners react in a certain way..

A dog whistle can also be words that may cause minorities to be insulted even though they sound normal to many people. Words like Chicago, golfing, vacation, and lazy are now considered Dog Whistles.

The term dog whistle is just another form of political correctness.
Jim and Tom went hunting with their dogs. One of the dogs got lost and wandered almost a mile away. Tom pulls out his dog whistle and keeps blowing on it until the lost dog returns to them. Dogs can hear the silent whistle up to a mile away.

A independent newscaster is about to go on the air when his producer runs up and tells him he can no longer use the words Chicago, lazy, Welfare, food stamps, or golfing because the are considered racist now.

Two city electricians are installing locks on street lamp pole access covers to prevent theft of the copper wire inside. One of them scratches his head and says "How will we do this?" the other one says;"Use this Pole Lock." The first electrician gets angry and knocks the other down. He was of Polish descent and thought he'd been called a Pollack.
by OneWhoKnowsBetter March 12, 2013
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The male version of cat-calling. Hollering at a man on the street and commenting on his physical appearance.
"Yo dickprint looking good in those gray sweatpants! Damn boy, look at them biceps! Where you walking to all by yourself with those guns out?" Said Becky as she blew her dog whistle at Matt.
by Kelbertou November 20, 2017
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