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Chewing item that is made of either plush or plastic for animals to chew on
my puppy loves dog toys
by lunar shadows December 30, 2004
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When someone tells you a story and the whole time you’re thinking β€œstfu bitch, I know not a single word coming out of your mouth is true.”
Mandy: β€œDid you hear Becky slept with Principal Lincoln? He is giving her all A’s in all of her classes and naming her student of the month. He even bought her a car for her 18th birthday!”

Me: *yeah, okay, I’m calling dog toy.. Principal Lincoln can’t even afford to buy himself a car.*
by aluminum2318 December 12, 2017
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When you are cannibal and you bite a guys penis off. You swing it around like a dog toy in a dogs mouth.

Dude did you hear about that girl that gave a guy a dog toy?
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by (catr -Rhe-nuh) November 21, 2019
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