When a dog gets sexually excited, it's cock grows, much like a humans. However, a dog's erection often resembles a lipstick tube, scarlet in colour.
"Look Pete! That dog's got it's dog lipstick out again!"
by RyDav. March 08, 2009
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What a horny dog gets. The males are the only one who experience this. It is just a dogs erection and it looks like a pink lipstick. Stay far away if your a man - the dog may start humping your leg. If you are a girl - dont us the lipstick.
Man 1: Dude my girl got drunk and gave my dog a blowjob!
Man 2: Woah WTF!!!!!!????
Man 1: She put on her dogs lipstick.
by TheShadowOfThePhoenixPhantom August 30, 2016
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