The art of a dodgeballer partying appropriately after partaking in the game of dodgeball.
Daisy - "You staying for the apres-dodgeball?"
Sophia - "Does a bear shit in the woods?!"


Danny - "Apres-dodgeball is the new rock n roll."
Kim - "Yes."
by Patches O'Stedlihan April 8, 2011
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Getting balls in the face for an hour from a man dressed as a wolf jumping on a trampoline.
I got trampoline dodgeballed last night, my face still hurts and I'm still hot and sweaty.
by CylonChris January 4, 2022
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Getting balls the face for one hour by a man dressed as a wolf then going to the pub and looking up sex positions on urban dictionary.
I trampoline dodgeballed last night and I am now all hot and sweaty.
by CylonChris January 4, 2022
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The act of anally stimulating a woman, and upon reaching climax, pulling your erect penis out of her anal cavity, placing your testicles inside of her sphincter, and releasing your load on her back.
"I totally Mormon Valley Dodgeballed that chick from my church last night"
"How was it?"
by FatherToothpaste January 20, 2017
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Ultimate dodgeball, or UDC (Ultimate dodgeball Championship) is a sport played by smart car driving douchebags, and 30 year old men trying to relive their youth. It is usually played on a trampoline so it is incredibly easy to play. You'll either see 27 to 30 year olds playing, or 14 to 28 year olds playing, all of which take it way to seriously.

Kid: Dad why aren't you ever home on Thursday nights?

Dad: Well son, I have to go play ultimate dodgeball tonight!

Kid: Faggot...
Hey Austin, want to go play ultimate dodgeball at the local sky-zone?
by Peyton Clark September 25, 2015
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