The best game to play during P.E./Gym. Not played in American schools because hippocritical liberals in the Department of Educationthink it's too violent even though we're at war. Converted to Nation-ball because players are also behind the other team. That makes students feel like they're in war.
Ok, in nation-ball, a few players will be behind the other team so it seems like you're surrounded by an enemy army!
by army_azn December 15, 2004
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Where at least half of my school memories were made. A game where you can just unleash your anger and have some fun with your friends. At my school we played it every single friday and I had PE last period and that was basiclly "a short cut to the weekend". What made it really fun was if you hit someone in the head you get bonus points because they have to take someone on there tam out with them. We also had a rule that if you got hit so hard and you went to the ground you also had to take someone out with you. But now we have dumb ass parents that are complaining about there kids getting a little bruise or cut on them. Well parents I got a newsflash for you: YOU CAN GET HURT IN EVERY SINGLE SPORT POSSIBLE!!!!!!! So if your one of those parents well how bout you go buy your kid a sumo suit and let them play before you ruin it for everyone.
OMG my kid got a microscopic bruise on him from playing Dodgeball lets sue the school board!!!!!! WTF people its school shit happens. If your kid would actually dodge like the game title says you wouldnt have that problem.
by Mr. Murphy(the awsome one) December 29, 2011
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A game often enjoyed by well meaning kids. Often encouraged by sadistic gym teachers in a disguised effort to punish the students that they don't like.
Little Bobby likes playing dodgeball, but not at school where the coach puts all the big kids on one team.
by Super Gerbil December 18, 2003
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A game in which the object is to make the members of the opposing side cry. In an on-going effort to stop nature's selection it's now illegal.
I put little suzie in a wheel chair after that game of dogeball.
by Mike October 22, 2003
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The best game where you try to knock out the people you don't like.
"When we play dodge ball today lets hit sara in the head and hopefully she'll pass out!"
by Kim October 16, 2003
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A excellent game in which two teams try to eliminate each other by tagging opposing players "out" with an inflatable rubber ball. A player is out if he is struck by a ball before it bounces or if he throws the ball and an opposing player catches it before it bounces. If a ball bounces, it is considered out-of-play until it is thrown again.
A lot of useless liberals who call themselves "physical education teachers" are trying to turn children into pansies by outlawing dodgeball. These idiots, who never should have been certified to teach in any state, don't realize that dodgeball does NOT destroy self esteem. Dodgeball is nothing more than a REALLY FUN GAME!
by Pissed Off Paul October 17, 2003
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