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duude that chicks face is dodge

id watch out for that chiken roll food here is dodge
by addicted92 November 27, 2010
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An American vehicle with limited success in quality and bad-assedness after the end of the muscle car era. Synonymous with Mopar. More commonly defined as follows

Drips Oil Drips Grease, Everywhere

Dad's Old Dead Garage Equipment

My Old Plymouth Ain’t Runnin’

Made Of Plastic And Rubber
by Easyrider1970 June 14, 2011
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a place everyone wants to get the hell out of..
"nobody that graduates from my school goes to an out of state college. fuck that, i'm getting the hell out of dodge..."

no, dodge is not the name of my town. it's just an expression
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A nerd slang word often used as a way to "deflect" offensive jokes or uncomfortable situations.
Guy 1. "So what did you and your girl do last night?"
Guy 2. "Im just gonna dodge that."
by GutenTagFaust September 08, 2010
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An abbreviation of the word Dodgey, meaning 1: strange, 2: risky, 3: fake or 4: ill.
1. That was well dodge man, the cup moved by itself.
2. You wanna go jack some yutes? Nah man, it's bare dodge round here because of all the feds.
3. You wanna buy this genuine leather purse madam? No thanks luv, it looks a bit dodge.
4. I'm feeling a bit dodge
by Aidan Brooks June 01, 2005
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A name for a rather strange human, usually male who harbours a rather perculiar liking for farting in the company of others, and inappropriate moments ie during sex, and while at church.
Te farting are also usually accompanied by a rather unattractive facial expression.
Your in bed, about to get dodwn n dirty when your male partner does a "dodge" and farts, followed by him exclaiming, rather loudly "ooopppps"!
by Emma-Louise August 28, 2006
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