Spitefully doing something in which you have already been falsely accused.

It means if someone accuses you of something and you didn't do it; then you might as well go ahead and do whatever it is that they think you did because they are convinced that you are guilty.
"Nakita, I know you have been gettin all up on my boyfriend," accused Tasha. "Nuh uh, I ain't want that nappy head nigga," replied Nakita. "Uh huh, I seen you flirtin with him," insisted Tasha. (Tasha is paranoid and convinced Nakita wants her man and since she'll never believe otherwise, Nakita should seduce Tasha's man right in her face.)"B-tch, you wanna see somebody getting up on yo man; I'll show you somebody gettin up on yo man. Do da time, do da crime," tormented Nakita as she rubs up on Tasha's man right in front of Tasha.
by Windows from October 30, 2005
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