Abbreviated version of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. People use it when they're talking about that certain area
I live north from here. Do you live in Pennsylvania or the DMV Region?
by Griffinmarvelous January 4, 2019
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Don Dada
One of the best up and coming artist from the DMV
Absolutely fuxkin fye tbh
“DMV Bolt you kno wtf goin on”
Dat boy Bolt different frfr
by Anonymous528825 October 15, 2021
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Dmv chivo is an narco corrido artist that emerged from the northside of virginia, comes from a group called doble H. not fully recognized but one of the best artist in the dmv of his genre of music, also known as the dmv goat or RG, people will see him in the rise in no time putting the east coast on the real spanish trap wave
Damm thats a fire ass trap corrido i bet dmv chivo wrote it
by Dmvgoat November 23, 2021
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This is a place that should only be compared to hell. You have to wait in a line that will take the same time to get to the front as Best Buy on Black Friday
I’ve seen some people go in and come out a week later in the DMV Line
by Joe mama 123123 November 29, 2019
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Person 1- Hey are these people nice?
Person 2 - no DMV people are the meanest people in planet earth
by ScrewballChan May 1, 2022
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