The legal ending of a marital contract between a man and a woman. A very common occurance in the US since the 1960s.
Often the result of either one or both partner's utter refusal to communicate with each other when something is wrong, and letting problems build, and seething under the surface until one of the parties, gives up and leaves. This leaves the "left" spouse in complete confusion because of the lack of communication, they did not see it coming. Becoming even more prevalent since the advent of internet personal sites and chat rooms. One partner after blindly thinking that the person he is chatting with actually resembles Angelina Jolie, decides that the grass is greener on the other side. The biggest victims of this epidemic are actually children who quickly develop a mistrust of the opposite sex.
Mike filed for divorce from his wife after he met "bubbles" on line. What a surprise to discover that he abandoned his wife and children for Bubba.
by Aftershock1971 December 19, 2005
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Detailed explaination of divorce in plain English: Divorce 101

(D)addy getting screwed out of his life-savings.

(I)rate mommy packing up daddy's belongings, putting them out on the doorstep.

(V)endettas marked by malicous acts of revenge.

(O)rnery bitches who are hell-bent on destroying your life, making these derogatory remarks about your sex-life to their girlfriends.

(R)ich, powerful attorneys making an absolute fortune off your hard-earned money with these mounting legal bills.

(C)onstant nagging from an ex-wife to a deadbeat father for his refusal to pay any child support.

(E)xcessive alcohol consumption to ease a beleaguered man's pain.
"My parents got a divorce a year and a half ago."
by Tagman77 February 17, 2004
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What a woman does after she finds out her husband has cheated on her with prostitutes. Also what a woman does after giving him an undeserved chance and he continues to lie and text prostitutes. What a woman does in order to avoid getting aids, herpes or some other sexually transmitted plague. What is the last thing a woman ever ever wanted her children to suffer.
I find it hard to not get a divorce when my husband destroyed our family by screwing prostitutes and being a habitual liar.
by PO'd Mother of Two October 07, 2008
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The screwing you get for the screwing you got.
like, go to a lawyer..he will explain it to you.
by rand the Man October 27, 2003
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When a woman who deferred her dreams to make a home and raise children for the man she married, has to suddenly got out into the workforce again after being at home for seventeen years or so. She gets shit work, and his crafty lawyer finds many ways to screw her out of the child support check on a month to month basis. More often than not, she cannot generate the money to keep the home, is screwed out of any accrued pension funds, and is forced to subsist till the end of her days. The source of her misery is usually a combination of two things: A horny little secretary or nurse (hose hog opportunist, I think you call them), and a man who is going through the "change of life".
Popular wisdom says she gets the house and the car and the easy life, but statistics prove women who survive divorce almost invariably experience a lower standard of living, while the men's goes up. You've heard of the well documented pay inequity in this country, haven't you, titmouse?
by One Who Knows April 21, 2004
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The seperation of 2 people who loved each other once upon a time. Like a death, something that rips out the hearts of the children involved.
Mom, and daddy are now divorced. I'm still daddy's little girl, I just don't se ehim every day, and that's okay because he loves me.
by emma November 08, 2003
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