The room you have in your parents' house or elsewhere that you take refuge in when you are having marital problems.
John: I cheated on Kate. She's kicking me out.
Bobby: Damn, bro. Where are you going to stay?
John: No worries, my mom just restocked the fridge and put a comforter on my bed in my divorce room.
by annamaria5290 October 15, 2011
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The vows the divorcing couple make to each other with hopes of a cordial post-marriage relationship. Awash in disillusion, not unlike with marriage vows, the couple untying the knot make promises of paying child support regularly, not switching weekends without notice, embracing new spouses, etc.
The divorce vows Rick and Cindy made to each other lasted about 3 months, approximately the same time as marriage vows last before disintegrating into reality.
by Grant Rampus February 07, 2021
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The person who confronts you with the truth that you should get a divorce.
I'm forever grateful to Sofia, my divorce whisperer, for telling me that I should get a divorce instead of continuing to try to make a failing marriage work.
by Wonder Woman JK June 21, 2018
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Breaking up isn’t hard to do when friends and neighbours are doing it too.

A person that divorces soon after or later on after a family member or friend had divorced. Or a group of friends that start divorcing because one among them divorced first and the other friends soon after that got ideas to divorce too. It's a social virus that's spreading to a neighborhood, workplace and family near you.
Friend 1: "Dave divorced 2 years ago and now his buddy Matt is seeing a lawyer and is getting started on divorcing his wife. How crazy is that?!"

Friend 2: "Whoa, who do you think is next? This is looking like divorcitis."
by WowzersAA October 22, 2010
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When somebody plots to divorce an unlucky couple on one of the partners birthdays by placing a fake wedding ring into the girlfriends glass.
Oh shit, I just heard rob did a DIY Birthday Divorce. What an asshole
by MooDank August 31, 2016
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A single-issue political party that advocates for a disunion of factions that vitiate each others plans instead of working together to improve their country.
The conspicuous incompatibility of the republican & democratic parties' policies evinced a need for " the divorce party " to advocate for a disunion.
by MoribundMurdoch May 18, 2021
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