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Something that will never happen because there's no money in it.
It usually involves controversial ideas like bringing concepts of "innocent until proven guilty" and "equal treatment under the law regardless of gender" to family court. It also often involves controversial ideas like treating a marriage contract like any other contract where someone is free to exit the contract any time; but, if there isn't sufficient cause, the person exiting the contract must leave the other parties as unharmed as possible, and the person exiting without sufficient cause may face penalties for doing so.
I think it would be better if we had a system where, when one parent initiates a divorce, there is a rebuttable presumption (meaning a presumption that could be rebutted if wrong-doing can be proven) that any minor children remain with the other parent that didn't want the divorce. Scientific studies show divorce is usually very bad for kids, and this would probably greatly decrease unnecessary divorce.

Dude, you're talking about divorce reform. That will never happen.
by YetAnotherVictim October 02, 2011
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